Bizarre Inc – Surprise

Bizarre Inc
1996 Mercury Records (UK)

01. Surprise
02. Surprise (Bizarre Club Mix)
03. Surprise (Illinton’s Suprise Disco Dub)
04. Surprise (Dancing Divaz Club Mix)
05. Surprise (Beat Foundation’s Jack-in-the-Box Mix)

INFO > Bizarre Inc started in 1989 as a collaboration between DJs Dean Meredith and Mark Archer. After a couple of releases, Archer went on to form Nexus 21 and Altern 8 with Chris Peat, while Meredith continued Bizarre Inc as a trio with new members Andy Meecham and Carl Turner. 1991 single “Playing With Knives” was the act’s breakout hit; the addition of vocalist Angie Brown produced the chart topping “I’m Gonna Get You” the following year. The group signed with Some Bizarre in 1996 and released their third album and three singles before calling it quits. Meredith and Meecham still work together as Chicken Lips.


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  1. Not as successful as their earlier 90s singles, but I love all the three releases from this era, and of course, bought all 3 12″s.
    Thanks for this CD rip, Chris!

    • It’s funny how many singles I bought for one remix and then never listened to the other tracks (with this post, it’s Beat Foundation). So it’s nice to now discover music that I’ve had but never heard.

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