Erasure – A Little Respect (US Promo)

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“A Little Respect” (US Promo)
1988 Sire Records (US)

01. A Little Respect (LP Version) 03:33
02. A Little Respect (Remix/Edit) 03:59
03. A Little Respect (12″ Vocal) 06:28
04. A Little Respect (12″ Remix) 06:33

INFO > After huge success with Depeche Mode and Yazoo, Vince Clarke teamed up with Andy Bell to form Erasure; the duo has issued dozens of hit singles and albums since debuting in 1985. In addition to Mark Saunders’ 12″ Remix, this US promo of Erasure’s tenth single, “A Little Respect”, includes two digital exclusives: Justin Strauss’ edit and 12″ Vocal mix.


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  1. We MUST have the same record collections… love your blog & knowledge! Thank you!

    • Ha ha! You obviously have exceptional taste in tunes. And your blog is awesome! My buddies and I always comment on hot chicks with ‘millionaires’ (ugly dudes). Thanks man!

  2. Thanks for this great share! Exclusives on here indeed. Not sure which tracks though out of 2-4. One of these mixes i think appeared on the 21st anniversary edition of The Innocents!

    • Hey Neil! Happy to see that you’re finding material of interest. Actually, it’s Justin Strauss’ 12″ House Mix that’s included on the deluxe reissue of “The Innocents.” Not a bad version, but I do prefer Strauss’ 12″ Vocal. Happy Holidays!

  3. Thanks. Happy holidays to you too. Yes loving this blog DL’ed all kinds from here, Tom Jones’ version of Situation, Happy Mondays, Bassheads, Erasure, Kraftwerk, Crescendo, Altern 8, OMD, Technotronic and Republica. I have around 5000 vinyl singles, 5000 CD singles and 3000 CD albums but there’s still stuff here i don’t have. Amazing how much stuff out there i never knew of this unreleased Erasure mix or the extra mixes of Crescendo not found on my CD single. Still can’t beat that 20 minute version though! Thanks again.

    • Holy crap – that’s a lot of music! I’d love to raid your collection for a few rips, I’m sure :-) Like yourself, I’m always surprised to discover material that I never knew existed, and I always appreciate the challenge of finding out-of-print items. CD singles (and even albums) are quickly becoming scarce in the digital age. No matter how convenient downloads are, I prefer physical media.

      Thanks for all your comments Neil!

      • Wow just been lead back to this site via NWOutpost i think regarding Duran View to a kill 12″ and just seen your reply. Cool, i prefer physical too of course. See you again in 2018!

  4. What a great surprise!!!

    After years searching for the 12″ Remix, here it is in all its glory!!!

    Thanx a lot for this one and greetings from Brazil…

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