Various Artists – The Very Best Of Cowboy Records

Various Artists
“The Very Best Of Cowboy Records”
2000 Eagle Records (UK)

01. Secret Life – Love So Strong (Brothers In Rhythm Edit)
02. Suzi Carr – All Over Me (The Delorme Radio Edit)
03. Pizzaman – Trippin’ On Sunshine (Radio Edit)
04. Deja Vu – Why Why Why (Deja Vu’s From Belfast To Bosnia Edit)
05. Perks Of Living Society – 2 Damn Free (P.L.S. Arena Edit)
06. Talizman – Only You (Chris & James Old Skool Edit)
07. Rejoice – Peace, Love & Harmony (Love To Infinity’s Radio Mix)
08. Secret Life – As Always (Junior Style Edit)
09. Suzi Carr – Love Me For Life (Loveland’s Ballroom Radio Edit)
10. Deja Vu – Deja Vu (Original Edit)
11. William Pitt – City Lights (Qattara 7″ Mix)
12. Sono Lakota – Ice & Acid (The Aloof Remix)

01. Forthright – How Sweet The Sound (How Sweet The Sound Mix)
02. Secret Life – As Always (Gospel Mix)
03. Talizman – Only You (Grinstretcher Club Mix)
04. Pizzaman – Trippin’ On Sunshine (Play Boys Fully Loaded Dub)
05. Deja Vu – Gangsters, Tarts & Wannabees
06. The Aloof – On A Mission (Stanley Mix)

INFO > A couple of years after Cowboy folded, Eagle Records licensed some of that label’s finest tunes for a best of compilation. While the track selection is decent enough, unfortunately neither CD comes close to maximum capacity. There are a couple of digital exclusives on this collection, including a previously unreleased Qattara edit of William Pitt’s Balearic classic, “City Lights.”


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  1. Woo!
    that William Pitt remix is new to me! and loads of classics here.
    the frist three cuts are reason enough!
    Thanks Chris!

  2. Great label back in the day!

  3. CD2 is the bomb! Talizman still sounds amazing, great hooks & I love vibe change at about 3:30mins. Also, the Forthright remix is really funky with that Stevie Wonder – Superstition type chord progression in it, quite a bit different than the Busted Remix on The Album Vol2(Alistair Whitehead).

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