Various Artists – Cowboy Records The Album Vol. 1

Various Artists
“Cowboy Records The Album Vol. 1”
1993 Cowboy Records (UK)

1.01. Secret Life – As Always (Old School House Mix)
1.02. Well Hung Parliament – We Can Be (S1000 Mix)
1.03. Serotonin – Pleasure Boy (Full Circle Mix)
1.04. Soundscape – Do They Mean Us?
1.05. Faith Department – Initiation (Full Circle Mix)
1.06. Deja Vu – Never Knew The Devil (Kazoo Mix)
1.07. The Aloof – Excursion
1.08. Smells Like Heaven – Londres Strutt

2.01. Talizman – Only You (Original Boot Knock Mix)
2.02. Boomshanka – Do What You Wanna Do (Snake Dub)
2.03. Smells Like Heaven – Rhythm De Londres
2.04. Balouga Boys – Iceni (Remix)
2.05. The Aloof – On A Mission (Stanley Mix)
2.06. Sono Lakota – Ice & Acid (The Remix)
2.07. Secret Life – As Always (Gospel Mix)
2.08. Charas – Lunar Musique (Full Moon Mix)

INFO > Founded by club promoter Charlie Chester and The Aloof’s Dean Thatcher, Cowboy wrangled some mighty fine tunes between 1991 and 1997. Giddy up, house heads!


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  1. Top Marks for this !

  2. Cool! Really keen to check this out. I’ve got Vol 2 on Dbl 12”, some great tunes on that one too. MOD rocks!!!

  3. super post as always shelf, top marks indeed.

  4. Happy to provide an important public service. Thanks, gentlemen!

  5. awesome compilation, secret life gets my vote here, as well as Smells Like Heaven (aren’t they on Decon tho?) My 12″s by them are under that label.

    • Deconstruction licensed the single from Cowboy and reissued it in 1993 with new mixes by Boomshanka and Gypsy (the latter is available on the “Full On” compilation posted here somewhere). Interestingly, the back insert of this compilation mentions forthcoming Indian remixes of “Londres Strutt” in Spring ’93 – ever hear of Indian?

  6. My 12″ is the 1993 release, and I’ve never heard of the Indian remixes…intriguing!

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