BT – Blue Skies


“Blue Skies”
1996 Perfecto/EastWest (UK)

01. Blue Skies (Radio Edit) 03:51
02. Blue Skies (Delphinium Days) 11:48
03. Blue Skies (BT’s Liquid Oxygen Dub) 09:06
04. Blue Skies (Paul van Dyk’s Erinnern Indigo Mix) 08:13
05. Blue Skies (Paul van Dyk’s Blauer Himmel Mix) 08:02
06. Blue Skies (Deep Dish Blue Phunk Mix) 08:56
07. Blue Skies (Deep Dish Blue Phunk Dub) 04:57
08. Blue Skies (Rabbit In The Moon’s Phathomless Mix) 10:16
09. Blue Skies (Robbers Of Antiquity Alien Disco Mix) 08:02

INFO > After being introduced by mutual friends, Brian Transeau and Tori Amos discovered they had much in common personally, and subsequently collaborated professionally in the mid-1990s. “Blue Skies” came about after Amos sent Transeau a DAT of her singing improvised lyrics over “Divinity” from BT’s debut album. Transeau created a new instrumental foundation and edited Amos’ extemporaneous vocals into a structured song. While the radio edit is a catchy and uplifting tune in its own right, the single’s remix pack is massive: BT, Paul van Dyk, Deep Dish, and RITM all captured in their prime.


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  1. adj. 1. Carried out or performed with little or no preparation; impromptu: an extemporaneous piano recital.

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