A Certain Ratio – Shack Up (1994)

A Certain Ratio
“Shack Up”
1994 Creation Records (UK)

01. Shack Up (Radio Edit) 04:20
02. Shack Up (Work Mix) 06:09
03. Shack Up (Wipe Out Edit) 04:16
04. Life’s A Scream (Shaven Not Stirred Mix) 06:02

FACT > Back in 1994, the Creation label made a brilliant acquisition: A Certain Ratio’s back catalog from their Factory years. As well as reissuing ACR’s original albums (with almost all appearing on CD for the first time), Creation also commissioned a remix project involving predominantly Mancunian producers. Bernard Sumner and Johnny Marr (Electronic) reworked “Shack Up”, while former ACR band member Andy Connell revisited “Life’s A Scream” in a new mix exclusive to this release.

SHACK UP (1994)

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  1. I was expecting Electronic the band!!

    • Bernard Sumner and Johnny Marr—who remixed this single—are Electronic (the band, that is). I’ll eventually be posting some singles by Electronic at some point. Sorry about that!

  2. Link is dead. Any chance of a re-up?

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