Various Artists – The Sound Of Amato Volume One

Various Artists
“The Sound Of Amato Volume One”
1996 Amato Disco Ltd (UK)

01. Souvlaki – Inferno (Fired Up Mix)
02. Disco Citizens – Footprint (Sonic Mix)
03. Digital Blondes – Antheum (Free Mix)
04. The Bubble – Squeek! (Dekkie’s Rats In The Attic Mix)
05. Nunca – Ballistique (Force Mass Motion Remix)
06. Move & Motion – Free Fall (Original Mix)
07. Qattara – Qattara (Pure Mix)
08. Shango – Tunnelvision (Do The Shango Mix)
09. Lovebeads – This Is The Only Way (Heller and Farley Mix)

INFO > London-based distributor Amato Disco assembled this limited edition compilation to showcase its related independent labels, including: Fluid, Jackpot, Modena, Scorccio, Sound Of Ministry, and Steel Fish. There’s a strong leaning toward progressive house, and a couple of tracks are exclusive to CD on this release.


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  1. Just happened to stumble across this blog. Two words: LOVE IT! Excellent quality, excellent selections, and straight-forward write-ups! 5 Gold stars…Thank you!!!

  2. I was actually looking forward to hearing this release on Amato Disco, but to be honest was pretty under-impressed by the whole thing. There were flashes of inspiration though from Disco Citizens, Lovebeads, The Bubble & Shango. 5/9.

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