Various Artists – Classic Salsoul Mastercuts

Various Artists
“Classic Salsoul Mastercuts Volume 1″
1993 Mastercuts/Beechwood Music Ltd (UK)

01 Double Exposure – Ten Percent (Walter Gibbons 12″ Mix)
02 Ripple – The Beat Goes On And On (Jim Burgess 12″ Mix)
03 Loleatta Holloway – Love Sensation (Shep Pettibone 12″ Remix)
04 First Choice – Let No Man Put Assunder (Shep Pettibone Remix)
05 Leroy Burgess – Heartbreaker (Shep Pettibone 12″ Mix)
06 Loleatta Holloway – Dreaming (Norman Harris Album Version)
07 Instant Funk – I Got My Mind Made Up (Larry Levan 12″ Remix)
08 The Salsoul Orchestra – Nice ‘N’ Nasty (Walter Gibbons 12″ Mix)
09 The Salsoul Orchestra – Run Away (Kenny Present Album Mix)
10 Candido – Jingo (Shep Pettibone 12” Remix)
11 The Salsoul Orchestra – You’re Just The Right Size (Album Mix)
12 Joe Bataan – The Bottle (Live First Take Album Version)

Various Artists Classic
“Salsoul Mastercuts Volume 2″
1993 Mastercuts/Beechwood Music Ltd (UK)

01 First Choice – Doctor Love (Tom Moulton 12″ Mix)
02 Double Exposure – My Love Is Free (Tom Moulton 12″ Edit)
03 Inner Life – Ain’t No Mountain High Enough (Larry Levan Mix)
04 Eddie Holman – A Night To Remember (Tom Moulton 12″ Mix)
05 Love Committee – Just As Long As I Got You (Tom Moulton Mix)
06 Moment Of Truth – Helplessly (Tom Moulton 12″ Mix)
07 Silvetti – Spring Rain (Tom Moulton 12″ Mix)
08 Inner Life – Moment Of My Life (Shep Pettibone 12″ Edit)
09 Loleatta Holloway – Hit And Run (Walter Gibbons 12″ Mix)
10 The Salsoul Orchestra – Ooh I Love It (Shep Pettibone Remix)
11 Candido – Dancin’ And Prancin’ (12” Mix)

INFO > Groundbreaking Salsoul Records laid the foundation for today’s international dance music industry. The New York-based label was founded in 1974 by brothers Joseph, Kenneth, and Stanley Cayre. The brothers Cayre employed several now-legendary producers—including Tom Moulton, Larry Levan, Walter Gibbons, and Shep Pettibone—who pioneered innovative instrumental and recording techniques that revolutionized dance music. The creativity of those studio wizards benefited equally talented artists: Loleatta Holloway, Double Exposure, First Choice, Candido, The Salsoul Orchestra, and many others. And Salsoul didn’t only release 300 12 inch singles—they invented the format. Although the label ceased operation in 1985, its durable disco classics have inspired and influenced generations of house producers.

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  1. Some real golden nuggets here.

    Thanks for your hard work!

  2. classic is the word!!Thank you for a great blog!

  3. If You have a moment upload all the Mastercuts links are down. Much Thanks :)

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