OMD – Stand Above Me

OMD gave an excellent performance last night at The Theater of the Living Arts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Both Andy McCluskey and Paul Humphreys sounded great, while Martin Cooper and Malcolm Holmes provided solid and seasoned instrumental support. McCluskey has ten years on me, but was dancing around like a man half his age (and some of his moves were eerily reminiscent of Ian Curtis). The 90-minute set of greatest hits old and new was well-received by the enthusiastic crowd, and the band gave an encouraging promise that they would return.

“Stand Above Me”
1993 Virgin Records Ltd (EU)
VSCDT 1444

01. Stand Above Me
02. Stand Above Me (Transcendental Constant Viper Trip Mix)
03. Stand Above Me (Hypnofunk Mix)
04. Can I Believe You
05. Stand Above Me (A 10 Minute Therapy Session Into Hyperlife)*

*Bonus track

INFO > “Stand Above Me” is one of the better releases from OMD’s Andy McCluskey solo period. The single was initially promoted under the band alias Liberator as a marketing ploy to secure spins by American club DJs who might have otherwise ignored it; even the 12″ promo was pressed with a generic white label by Virgin subsidiary Union City Recordings so as to provide import credibility. Respective remixes by Phil Kelsey and Phil Coxon retain little of the original tune and are sufficiently dancefloor friendly. And as the group has always given proper effort to their B-sides, “Can I Believe You” is definitely worth a listen.


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  1. Thanks for this great share!

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