After Human League No-show, This Night is for the Birds

So, I was looking forward to seeing The Human League tonight at The Keswick Theater in Glenside, Pennsylvania. I’ve seen the League live twice before, but never a full set as headliners. And while I’m not crazy about their latest album, “Credo”, there are a couple of good tunes on there, and the group certainly isn’t lacking for solid material to perform. Also, I was somewhat interested in seeing opening act Men Without Hats, especially as me and the wife chose “The Safety Dance” as our wedding song (yes, we were having a bit of a laugh). However, before leaving the office today, I was informed via a message on the venue’s website that the show had been canceled due to “an unforeseen scheduling clash involving promotion of the new album…” Unable to argue with that cryptic excuse, I set off for home.

Along the way, I encountered a pigeon behaving oddly and straying too close to fast-moving vehicles on a busy road. So I pulled over and chased after him, stopping traffic to allow his safe passage to the other side of the avenue. He fluttered over a fence, but barely made it. I noticed a band around one leg, indicating that he is a racing pigeon (the rather ridiculous ‘competition’ of pigeon racing apparently has a large following here in the U.S.) Finding a way around the fence, I captured the bird and then took him to a nearby bird clinic where I volunteer.

White Flicker Wild Bird Rehabilitation Clinic is a small operation run out of the home of Miriam Moyer, a wonderfully caring and compassionate soul who spends a minimum of 12 hours each day caring for sick, injured, and orphaned songbirds. She doesn’t receive any compensation or funding from the local government or foundations—she does it out of admiration, respect, and sincere love for her patients. You don’t come across too many folks that do something out of the goodness of their heart—Miriam is selflessly dedicated to helping our fine-feathered friends (and earlier this month, she celebrated her 75th birthday!)

Having lost his way home and unable to forage for food while grounded, the poor pigeon was quite emaciated. However, Miriam will see to his recovery and find him a new home through her network of wildlife friends. Knowing that the little guy will recover in good hands, I continued my evening commute.

I had been home less than an hour when I received a call from Miriam, inquiring if I would be available to capture a seagull that wasn’t faring well in a parking lot near Philadelphia International Airport. So I quickly ate dinner, jumped back into the birdmobile, and sped down to the gull’s location. I checked in with the woman who contacted the clinic, and then found the bird loitering in the lot. As I approached, the gull quickly walked away, evading me through the maze of parked cars. He briefly took flight for a short distance at low altitude, but didn’t have the strength to continue. I was able to walk up beside the bird and then net him as he changed direction in an effort to elude me. The concerned employee was quite relieved and expressed her appreciation with a pass for two free days of parking :-)

The gull was intermittently restless in the crate during the ride back to the clinic. However, he looks to be in good shape overall, if not a bit thin. As Miriam specializes in songbirds, I’ll be transporting the gull to Tri-State Bird Rescue & Research in Newark, Delaware tomorrow. Tri-State is an outstanding facility that cares for all bird species and has a esteemed reputation for managing wildlife recovery efforts in the wake of oil spills.

Anyway, thanks for enduring this personal and probably boring post—normal programming will resume this weekend. And hopefully OMD will play as scheduled tomorrow night at the Theater of the Living Arts in Philadelphia…

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  1. :) it wasnt boring at all
    first i thought i wouldnt read the whole text but somehow it got me interested. i smiled in the end, so thanks for this :-)

    • +1

      Lovely read…you can make this a regular fixture, as a break in between your just as great music posts.

      now we know about your wedding dance song, your volunteer work, and those non-profiting organisations.
      plus you had quite the hero to our winged friends that night eh?

      Your post title is ambiguous though….
      “the night is for the birds”?
      Filthy thoughts were the first to come to mind!
      or is it just me? LOL!

      • I’m quite happy to hear that my life isn’t as boring to others as it might seem to me sometimes :-) The positive feedback is greatly appreciated – thanks!

        The potential ambiguity of the post title never occurred to me, Ric! Would your mind be in the gutter if I shared some lurid stories about ‘bird watching?’ Ha ha!

  2. This blog is mental, I mean that in the nicest possible sense of the word without wanting to offend anyone with mental health issues out there. Lovin’ it.

  3. To the Birdmobile! It seems ‘birds of a feather, flock together’ is appropriate here, but seriously Safety Dance??? Should’ve been Pop Goes The World!

    “Johnny played guitar, Jenny played bass. Name of
    the band is The Human Race”

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