Various Artists – Only For The Headstrong

Various Artists
“Only For The Headstrong”
1992 FFRR Records (US)
162 351 002-2

01. Human Resource – Dominator (The Beltram Mix)
02. Shaft – Roobarb & Custard (Dr. Trip & Bob Bolts Mix)
03. The Prodigy – G Force (Energy Flow)
04. Yello – Bostich (New Life Mix)
05. DJ Seduction – Hardcore Heaven (The Heavenly Mix)
06. Isotonik – Different Strokes (12″ Mix)
07. Program 2 – More Energy (Atomic Mix)
08. Orbital – Chime (Ray Keith Mutation)
09. East Side Beat – Ride Like The Wind (Factory Edit)
10. Convert – Nightbird (12″ Version)
11. Utah Saints – What Can You Do For Me (12″ Mix)
12. Sound Source – Take Me Up (Love Decade Mix)
13. Cuba Gooding vs Altern 8 – Happiness Is Just Around The Bend
14. Susan Clark – Deeper (7″ Edit)
15. DSK – What Would We Do (8 Minutes Of Madness)

INFO > Subtitled ‘The Ultimate Rave Compilation’, this US edition of “Only For The Headstrong” betters its European counterpart with five additional tracks, including: Joey Beltram’s hardcore take on Yello, an early production by Victor Calderone as Program 2, and Farley & Heller’s stop-start tinkering of “What Would We Do.”


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  1. sweet post shelf, i have the 10 track version of this and it (and the equally great part 2) were the soundtrack to many a late nights post club raving for our little crew, ah the memories…….. many thanks as always mate.

  2. Finally, a good quality version of Shaft – Roobarb & Custard.

  3. Thanks for this great share again! Neil

  4. some underground resistance cd-s????

    • Did UR release any singles on CD? Don’t hold it against me, but I was never a big fan of Detroit techno. I like some of the earlier stuff by the big three, though.

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