Various Artists – Communiqué

Various Artists
“Communiqué – Singles & Signals”
1996 6 x 6 Records (UK)

1.01. Inner City – Do Me Right (Serial Diva Paris Is Burning Mix)
1.02. Mother – All Funked Up ’96 (Jules & Skins Marimba Mix)
1.03. Madagascar – Madagascar (Bob On The Mic Radio Edit)
1.04. Surreal – Happiness (Fathers Of Sound Renaissance Mix)
1.05. Beverlei Brown – On And On (Fire Island Nu-London Mix)
1.06. The Twister – Clean It Up (Sure Is Pure Vocal Mix)
1.07. Andrew Pearce – Day By Day (Urban Sound Gallery Mix)
1.08. 6 By Six – Into Your Heart (Tall Paul Mix)
1.09. The Trinity – Gonna Take Time (Roger’s Narcotic Mix)

2.01. Esser’ay – Forces (Birmingham Bootleg Mix)
2.02. The Tenth Planet – Strings Of Life (Radio Edit)
2.03. Inner City – Anonghay (Dave Clarke Remix)
2.04. Infiniti – Game One
2.05. The Formula – Spiritual Vibe
2.06. Naomi Daniel – Feel The Fire (Urban Culture Mix)
2.07. Fade 2 Black – Eon
2.08. Houztown – Brooklyn A Train (The Height 611 Mix)
2.09. Johnny Vicious vs M.F.S.B. – T.S.O.P. (Soul Train ’94)
2.10. Groove Corporation – Merciless (Lionrock Remix)

INFO > 6 x 6 (or Six6) was a house leaning offshoot of Network Records, which traded mainly in rave and techno. This statement from the release booklet brilliantly sums up the label’s attitude:

The sad fashion is for dance labels to define a sole groove. The house nation, once so varied, has become about branding, not non-conformity. Incredibly, it’s somehow not cool to like Crispin J. Glover AND John Digweed, not normal to enjoy Nu-Soul AND Fathers Of Sound. Well, sorry, but we think it’s weird if you don’t adore Glam AND Kim Beacham, to be into Serial Diva AND Dave Clarke. This is a sampler of singles from Six6 and associated labels. The signal is mix it up and be disparate, not desperate.


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  1. Some great stuff included here.


  2. I totally agree with your last sentence. I listen to trance, house, breaks, old school hip-hop, 80s pop and rave to name but a few.

  3. Ez dude, is there any chance you could re up this for me pretty pretty please.

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