Jayn Hanna – Lovelight (Ride On A Love Train)

Jayn Hanna
“Lovelight (Ride On A Love Train)”
1996 VC Recordings (UK)

01. Lovelight (Alessi’s Radio Mix)
02. Lovelight (Blue Amazon Edit)
03. Lovelight (Georgie’s Music Plant Dub)
04. Lovelight (Innocent Vocal Mix)
05. Lovelight (Alessi’s Vocal Mix)

INFO > Jayn Hanna first surfaced in 1992 singing “Where Is The Feeling?”, a one-off house single by Within A Dream. After that, she contributed vocals to Stress classic “(These Things) Happen” by All Boxed In. “Lovelight” was Hannah’s solo debut, made memorable by a massive mix from Blue Amazon.


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  1. Nice post mate,

    The Innocent Vocal Mix was always a cracker, probably Blue Amazon’s best remix – it still sounds great 15 years on!


  2. invalid or deleted? could you able to upload again??? please!!!!

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