Recommended Listening

A couple of items worthy of attention:

“Hard To Find – Classic & Rare Remixes”
New State Music (2CD/Download)

Great selection of tunes from the 1980s and 1990s, featuring DJ-friendly, unmixed tracks and remixes from Leftfield, Sasha, The Grid, FGTH, ABC, Saint Etienne, and many more. From New State Music: “Hard To Find” is a brand new compilation series bringing together great and lost remixes from old 12” vinyl collections and CD singles (remember them?) gone by, that are… well… hard to find. If you consider yourself a trainspotter or a lover of quality music, this series is most definitely for you.

“Fac Dance – Factory Records
12″ Mixes & Rarities: 1980-1987″
Strut Records (2CD/Download)

Author and DJ Bill Brewster ( compiled this collection of classic Factory tunes. Many of the label’s primary players are represented, including: New Order, Section 25, A Certain Ratio, Quando Quango, 52nd Street, along with lesser known acts from the Factory stable (and while not particularly danceable, a couple of tracks from The Durutti Column are also thrown in). Due out in October via Strut Records.

“Blundstones and Snowballs”
Mixed by Triston Robinson

I highly recommend Blundstones and Snowballs, a brilliant mix of early-90s progressive house classics expertly blended by graphic design geezer Triston Robinson. Featuring a generous helping of tunes from the Guerilla label, it’s “progressive house as it was, not as it is.” Visit Triston’s Mixcloud page to stream Blundstones and several other fine mixes.

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  1. thanks for the tips shelf, will defo check those comps out and i’m in mid download on those dj mixes. really looking forward to hearing them, i’ve a real soft spot for 90’s prog, especially the Guerilla stuff (as you well know). i’ve had little or no internet for the past couple of months so i’m trawlling back through your posts in a tune grabbing frenzy. cheers mate and many thanks as always, kieran.

    • Welcome back to the web, Kieran! No internet for two months, eh? I canceled cable TV back in June, but my wife couldn’t live without it. So we just reconnected – 300 channels and still nothing worth watching. Life without the internet would be a different story – how did we all manage without it 20 years ago?

      Glad to have you back online and happy to hear you’re finding some agreeable material. Enjoy!

  2. Liked the mix, Guerilla Records was/still are a major influence on stuff i listen to. Similar mix of stuff from early 90’s if you interested:

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