Tom Jones – She’s A Lady (Junior Vasquez Mixes)

Tom Jones
“She’s A Lady”
1995 MCA Records (US)

01. She’s A Lady (Radio Edit)
02. She’s A Lady (Extended Mix)
03. She’s A Lady (Dub 2)
04. She’s A Lady (Tribal Beats)

INFO > Junior Vasquez added a glamorous sheen to Jones’ 1971 hit “She’s A Lady” for inclusion on the soundtrack of “To Wong Foo, Thanks For Everything! Julie Newmar.” The 1995 American film about three drag queens on a cross-country road trip is a loose adaptation of groundbreaking Australian dramedy “The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen Of The Desert.” The tune would later be remixed by BT (in 2000) and Funkstar De Luxe (in 2004); however, Vasquez’s handbag workout takes the prize.


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  1. Handbag time!
    This song has always been camp to the max, and the Junior treatment amps it up further. Not a bad soundtrack as well.

  2. I love Junior’s mix. A bit of random trivia for you – I’ve seen Tom Jones live four times. Although never threw my briefs at him…

    • but did you get any undies thrown at you by mistake throughout those sets? LOL

      • Ha ha! When Jones’ 1995 club tour hit Philly, I was at the front of the stage – plenty of ladies were tossing their panties. My buddy threw a pair of boxers. The occurrence of flying undergarments was vastly diminished at later shows, however. Tom’s getting a bit long in the tooth…

  3. WTF? A joke surely.

  4. No joke. Jones puts on a great show – hardest working man in show business.

    • yeah, I agree. he doesn’t seem to stop working. I also like it that he tries to stay relevant in the industry. Is his son still managing him?

      • I had no idea that his son was his manager! Yes, Mark Woodward is still taking care of dad’s career. Didn’t care much for his last album, though – blues ain’t my bag, baby. Even still, ‘The Voice’ still sounds amazing at 70. He and Shirley Bassey should record a duet.

  5. nice groove,
    i like that track too !

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