Various Artists – Full On

Various Artists
“Full On”
1993 Deconstruction Records (UK)
74321 15361 2

1.01. Mother – All Funked Up (Mothers Pride Mix)
1.02. Ronald’s State Of Natural High – I Feel So Good
1.03. Sonar – External (Remix)
1.04. E-Trax – Let’s Rock (Malcolm Duffy’s Suc-Diss Mix)
1.05. Smells Like Heaven – Londres Strutt (Gypsy Remix)
1.06. Rejuvination – Requiem (Part 1)
1.07. Jump – Luv It Up (Oh So Bazaar Mix)
1.08. Sub Sub – Ain’t No Love (Ain’t No Use)

2.01. CJ Bolland – Mantra
2.02. Van Basten – Lizard King
2.03. Lionrock – Packet Of Peace (The Dust Brothers Remix)
2.04. X-Press 2 – Muzik Xpress
2.05. DJ Edge – Compnded (EDGE Records *1)
2.06. Alici – Theme Of Roarr
2.07. Children Of A New Generation – Real Fun
2.08. Tranceporter – Open Up Your Mind
2.09. Cosmic Baby – Heaven’s Tears (Funny How The Time Flies Mix)


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  1. Another super collection.
    The Mother, Lionrock, Smells Like Heaven, an of course Sub Sub are true highlights for me.

  2. This comp was quite refreshing upon its release in the wake of the cheesy rave era here in the US. Glow sticks and sirens will not be missed…

  3. These Dbl 12” vinyl sets were often the only way we could get quality underground club tunes in Chch, NZ at the time, albeit 3mths late, but cheaper than paying $20-$25 for a single 12”, also the record store staff would pinch all the good 12’s”!!!

    • $25 for one 12″ single 20 years ago?! That’s highway robbery! Yes, those compilations were good and handy, assuming they had the mixes you were after.

  4. Trying pluck-up the courage to get CD2. CD1 was pretty Housey, but I can’t remember what CD2 was like. I’ve got Lionrock & X-Press 2 already…

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