Moby – Go

1991 Outer Rhythm Records (UK)

01. Go (Woodtick Mix)
02. Go (Low Spirit Mix)
03. Go (Analog Mix)

INFO > Assuming everyone is familiar with Mr. Richard Melville Hall, I’ll dispense with the customary background material. The motive for this post is to highlight Moby’s recent comments denouncing the musical merit of many contemporary pop stars. In an interview for Spinner, Moby deemed the tunes of Britney Spears, Ke$ha, Rihanna, and The Black Eyed Peas as “hyper-produced corporate product”, not music. Moby clarified that his observation isn’t a criticism, but specified that to call such emotionless output ‘music’ is “a misnomer”, and describes superficial hits as “advertising for ringtones.”

Okay, I like Moby (mainly for his advocacy efforts to promote animal welfare), but I can’t profess that his music has ever elicited any profound emotions. And yes, he sold out the “Play” album to countless adverts. However, his assessment of today’s chart-toppers is dead on. Auto-Tune killed the radio star…


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  1. I’ve never liked “Go” until I found “Night Time” remix on Sasha & Digweeds Renaissance Mix Collection. I bet u know this tune. There is also another great remix “Arpathoski Mix” and it came out on Mute Records. Anyway, Go… great memories, thanks for you post. Keep up this good work :)

  2. The first track I had a crack at remixing, more of a re-construction actually, ahhh the good ol Roland SP-808!…Moby, Go Figure!
    Ps Probably not the first time Moby’s said something daft.

  3. Also…Discogs has 52 seperate listings for Go between ’92 & ’08!!! So, if you want to know who killed Laura Palmer…Moby did!

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