Various Artists – Dub House Disco & Dub House Disco 2000

Various Artists
“Dub House Disco & Dub House Disco 2000”
1993 Guerilla Records/I.R.S. Records (US)
0777 7 13221 29

Dub House Disco
01. D.O.P. – Groovy Beat (Jelly Mix)
02. React 2 Rhythm – Intoxication (Clubfield Mix)
03. Spooky – Don’t Panic (Weird + Spooky Mix)
04. Supereal – United State Of Love (Aorta Mix)
05. Two Shiny Heads – Let Go (Turn ‘N’ Burn Mix)
06. Fuzzy Logic & Erire – Obsession (The Throbjam Mix)
07. Supereal – Body Medusa (Leftfield Mix)
08. React 2 Rhythm – I Know You Like It (Fractal Blotter Mix)
09. Code MD – Higher (Funk A Duck Mix)
10. S1000 – Flatliners (Desirable Dub Mix)
11. D.O.P. – Oh Yeah (LP Version)
12. Supereal – Body Medusa (Leftfield Dub Mix)

Dub House Disco 2000
01. Spooky – Land Of Oz (Poppyfield Mix)
02. The Chameleon Project – Feel
03. Dr. Atomic – Schudelfloss (High On Hedonism Mix)
04. Tenth Chapter – Product (Original Mix)
05. Drum Club – Alchemy (Phasers On Stun)
06. D.O.P. – Oh Yeah (Murk Boys Mix)
07. Eagles Prey – Feeling Warm (Part Two)
08. Supereal – One Nation (Eunity Mix)
09. React 2 Rhythm – Intoxication (Rhythm Trance Mix)
10. Spooky – Schmoo (Steppin’ Razor Mix)

INFO > Many progressive house devotees consider Guerilla to be the genre’s definitive label. Founded by William Orbit and Dick O’Dell, the imprint operated from 1990 to 1994, issuing influential material by D.O.P., Leftfield, React 2 Rhythm, and Spooky, among others. This US release combines the first two parts of the “Dub House Disco” trilogy, although with variations from the UK versions; on “Dub House Disco”, the Jelly Mix of D.O.P’s “Groovy Beat” replaces the Rock-It Mix present on GRCD004, while “Dub House Disco 2000” contains two less tracks than GRCD007 (selections by Outer Mind and Two Shiny Heads are curiously omitted).

NOTE > Almost the entire Guerilla back catalog is available for download through 7digital, Amazon, Beatport, iTunes, etc.


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  1. shelf, you are the man!!! thanx so much for these (and the 3rd one which i never had) i wont have to struggle through my old cassette copies of these any more. its my birthday on monday so i’m treating these as an early present to the socks and pants i’ll no doubt get from the kids. excellent work mate, respect is due.

  2. Fantastic – brilliant collection of Guerilla stuff – can’t thank you enough !

  3. You won’t believe how happy you’ve made an old progressive house head sir! Came across your blog looking for Sasha remixes from way back when and found UCR’s Colours, Van Coy’s Let You Go and Dub House Disco. Thanks a million buddy!

  4. Awesome Deep, Dubby/Prog House comps! Still got DHD 2000 on dbl 12”, another all-time fav!

  5. Any chance for a repost, this was nicked from me back in the day, aching for it ever since!

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