Various Artists – Skinnymalinky Records

Various Artists
“Skinnymalinky Records”
1995-1998 Skinnymalinky Records (UK)
2002 Gusto Records (UK)

01. Mothers Pride – Floribunda (Full Blossom Mix)
02. Alex Whitcombe – Ice Rain
03. The RAH Band – Living for the Nightlife (Main Disco Mix)
04. Yekuana – Canis Loopus (Thousand Rains)
05. Beat Foundation – Virginia (Golden Mix)
06. Vadis – Past And Present (The Present)
07. Beat Foundation – Foundations II (Main Mix)
08. Satellite – Early Bird (Original Mix)
09. Rumpus – Space Funk (The Caterpilla)
10. Beat Foundation – Save Me (Mike Monday Remix)

INFO > In 2002, Gusto Records acquired the back catalog of Andy Cato’s defunct Skinnymalinky imprint (refer to this earlier post for info about the label). While intending to reissue much of Skinny’s original material, Gusto only released one 12″ featuring remixes of Beat Foundation’s “Save Me.” In an effort to make up for Gusto’s disappointing failure, here’s my unofficial compilation of the few Skinnymalinky tracks ever available on CD.

UPDATE > I discovered an unreleased Skinnymalinky tune in my collection that I’d previously overlooked: Rumpus “Space Funk (The Caterpilla)” (now included as track 9 above). According to the source CD, only 50 copies were pressed and sent to select DJs in July 1998, right before the label closed up shop. Among the lucky recipients was DJ Keoki, who included “Space Funk” on his mix CD, “Inevitable Alien Nation.” Had “Space Funk” received a proper release, it would have been assigned catalog number SMR02198.

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  1. wow thanks, I had a few of these on vinyl back then. Much appreciated as ever!!!

  2. I’m always hoping that some label will release a proper collection of these tunes someday. Skinny put out some really unique material that deserves a wider audience.

  3. This is great. I have that ‘Save Me’ tune on a number of old mixes, particularly on a Sasha mix for the first ever Essential Mix commercial CD. Thanks for this and keep up the good work!

  4. Same here! Before hearing Sasha’s contribution to that first Essential Mix CD, I remember thinking, “Who’s this lazy twat that can only be bothered to mix four tunes?” Of course, the mix completely floored me and significantly shifted my listening habits toward progressive house.

    Thanks for the kind comments!

  5. I have been searching for Space Funk for YEARS. Please contact me via email.

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