Various Artists – Jackpot Records Volume One

Various Artists
“Jackpot Records Volume One”
1997 Jackpot Records (UK)
CD WON 002

01. Atlas – Beauty 09:49
02. Amethyst – Futura 08:53
03. Hercules – Skin To Skin (Bubbledub) 08:32
04. Danny Campbell – Answer My Prayer (Evolution’s DSG Mix) 09:03
05. The Bubble – Squeek! (Dekkie’s Rats In The Attic Mix) 08:11
06. Squelch – Crash (Danny Howells’ Original Mix) 09:27
07. Tenth Chapter – Wired (Original) 08:00
08. Shango – Bodyrock (Native Mix) 07:31
09. Fifty Fifty – Crazy Thing (Fifty Fifty Vocal Mix) 07:40

INFO > Jackpot was set up out of necessity in 1995 when prog house act Blue Amazon failed to attract any label attention. The imprint was founded by Seven Webster, whose 7PM Management company helped guide the careers of Sasha, John Digweed, BT, StoneBridge, and Shiva. Jackpot’s first release was Blue Amazon’s “Four Seasons” 12 inch (WIN 001); the label would quickly become home to the cream of progressive house talent, including: Danny Howells, Rob Green, Richard Dekkard, Atlas, Amethyst, Tenth Chapter, and Danny Campbell. Additionally, the label acquired the back catalog of William Orbit’s defunct Guerilla Records in 1997 and reissued many of that imprint’s finest moments with new mixes from the Jackpot roster. After Blue Amazon’s departure, and unable to sustain success, Jackpot unfortunately folded in 2000.

Jackpot Records Volume One

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  1. many many thanx for this post mate, been looking for this stuff for ages. would you by any chance have the ‘jackpot presents guerilla’ compilation ? if you had and could post it (or any guerilla stuff)i’d be eternally grateful. thanx again for this post, keep up the good work with this cool blog.

  2. I do have a couple of the Jackpot Guerilla reissues including the mixed collection, as well as the original trilogy of Guerilla compilations. I’ll try to post some of that stuff shortly. Thanks Kieran!

  3. that’d be brilliant mate, a thousand thank yous in advance. i just nabbed prog house classics and the epic house comp also, top notch stuff, many thanx for these aswell and congratulations on reaching 100 posts, here’s to the next 100 and hopefully many many more.

  4. Yeah, Guerilla was all good back in the day. Acid Ted has a quite a few Guerilla-related posting – check out

    And I do hope to be doing this for a while – thank you sir!

  5. djShelf, please, reup this compilation, it’s unbelievable O_O links are dead(((((

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