Sunscreem – Broken English

“Broken English”
1992 Sony Soho Square (UK)
658872 2 / 658903 2 / 658903 5 / XPCD 241

01. Broken English (7″ Version) 03:36
02. Broken English (7″ Extended Version) 04:56
03. Broken English (Slam Vocal Mix) 06:44
04. Broken English (Slam Sub Dub) 06:41
05. Broken English (Distorted English) 06:19
06. Broken English (Broken Rhythm) 08:56
07. Broken English (SXS Vocal Mix) 08:26
08. Broken English (The Well Hung Parliament Mix) 08:58

INFO > Sunscreem’s fifth single was an inspired cover of Marianne Faithfull’s 1980 anti-war anthem, “Broken English.” There’s no shortage of remixes across the various formats, with reworkings courtesy of Phil Bodger, Slam, The Wizard Of Oz, Dave Valentine, Paul Gotel, and band members Lucia Holm and Sean Wright.


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  1. amazing,thanks so much i have the album and didn’t have this mixes pure classics,very much appreciated
    (by the way this site is wonderfull)

  2. dont suppose a reup on this, just heard the well hung mix as 1st tune on a sasha 92 mix. mint.

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