Secret Knowledge – Sugar Daddy

Secret Knowledge
“Sugar Daddy”
1993 MFS (DE)
MFS 7048-3

01. Sugar Daddy (Radio Edit)
02. Sugar Daddy (Original Mix)
03. Sugar Daddy (Trip To The Moon Remix)
04. Sugar Daddy (Blue)
05. Sugar Daddy (Sugar Caned)
06. Sugar Daddy (Out Of Our Brains On The 5:15)
07. Sugar Daddy (Trip Across The Moon Remix)

3, 7 > Remix by Paul van Dyk and Johnny Klimek
6 > Remix by The Disco Evangelists (David Holmes & Ashley Beedle)

INFO > In 1993, journalist/DJ/producer Kris Needs teamed up with vocalist Wonder Schneider as Secret Knowledge, delivering dark trance and twisted techno throughout the decade. With engineer Bent Recknagel, Needs created some of the 1990s’ most radical remixes (his tribal trance take on One Dove’s “Breakdown” is among my all-time favorite tracks), as well as a couple of ace singles as Delta Lady. This German issue of epic single “Sugar Daddy” combines remixes by Paul van Dyk with the original versions licensed from Sabres Of Paradise. “Dedicated to the ravin’ mad.”

Sugar Daddy

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  1. utterly fabulous post!
    thanks for answering my request!
    appreciate it loads!
    I think I first heard the song in a Sabres Of Paradise compilation in 1993!
    Bought the 12″ then, and also the 96 release (not as good though)

    • You’re quite welcome, sir! I was surprised to see the disc arrive so quickly from the UK – I’m glad you requested this single as I’d never heard most of the mixes. Don’t make ’em like this anymore.

  2. Original is still da best. Although I’m digging that Sugar Caned mix…

  3. Kris Needs have done many great productions, but I’ve never really got to like this one.

    My favorite version, “Tripping On The Moon Mix” by Paul Van Dyk, is sadly absent on this release (it appeared only on 12″ and some of Paul Van Dyk’s compilations)

    Oh well, this is only me. Maybe I need to listen to it some more to see if I really like it or not.

  4. Hi Shelf!
    Please can you re-upload this Secret Knowledge single?
    Thanks and all the best

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