Various Artists – Deconstruction Classics

Various Artists
“Deconstruction Classics – A History Of Dance Music”
1995 Deconstruction Records (UK)
74321 2990 0 2

1.01. Black Box – Ride On Time (Album Version)
1.02. K-Klass – Rhythm Is A Mystery (Remix)
1.03. N-Joi – Anthem (The Original Mix)
1.04. Annette – Dream 17
1.05. Sasha – Higher Ground (Radio Mix)
1.06. Kylie Minogue – Confide In Me (Master Mix)
1.07. M People – Sight For Sore Eyes (Master Mix)
1.08. Felix – Don’t You Want Me (Hooj Mix)
1.09. Usura – Open Your Mind (Classic Mix)
1.10. The Grid – Texas Cowboys
1.11. Hyper Go Go – High (Original Mix)
1.12. T-Coy – Carino
1.13. M People – Moving On Up (M People Master Mix)
1.14. Guru Josh – Infinity (1990’s: Time For The Guru)

2.01. M People – How Can I Love You More? (Sasha’s Master Mix)
2.02. Lionrock – Packet Of Peace (Prankster Sound System Mix)
2.03. Evolution – Love Thing (Original Mix)
2.04. Sha-lor – I’m In Love (Remix)
2.05. Black Box – Everybody Everybody (Extended Remix)
2.06. Hot House – Don’t Come To Stay (Full Length Version)
2.07. Marina Van-Rooy – Sly One (Pickering & Park Mix)
2.08. Bassheads – Is There Anybody Out There? (Extended)
2.09. Liaisons D – Future FJP
2.10. Way Out West – Ajare (Full Mix)
2.11. Hed Boys – Girls & Boys (Seka Mix Edit)
2.12. The Grid – Swamp Thing (Grid Southern Comfort Mix)

INFO > It takes a bit of cheek to call a collection of your own tunes ‘A History Of Dance Music.’ However, Deconstruction is one of the few labels worthy of such a bold claim. Set up in 1987 by Pete Hadfield and Keith Blackhurst, Deconstruction was a veritable hit factory from the late-1980s to the mid-1990s, for both mainstream and underground acts. A&R Director Mike Pickering came from Manchester’s Factory Records and brought along some of that company’s attitude and aesthetic, including clever marketing and unique style, the latter courtesy of designer Mark Farrow. In addition to discovering hitmakers like Black Box, Pickering was also behind Deconstruction’s most successful act, M People. The label folded in 2001, but Pickering recently resurrected the brand via Sony Music.

NOTE > This compilation is annoying unannotated with no liner notes and little track information. I’ve identified almost all of the mixes, with the exceptions of “Everybody, Everybody” and “Sly One”—if anyone can ID these versions, I’d be much obliged.

UPDATE > Finally matched up those tracks with their respective mixes.


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  1. I have this same CD! and it’s a great collection.
    Is Everybody Everybody not the Le Freak Mix?
    As for Sly One, did a cross check with Discogs, it could be the Krakow Mix or one of those untitled Mixes.
    Such memories from this set. That Lionrock track always gets me goin’ and I do love Kylie’ stint there. K-Klass, Evolution, M People…can’t go wrong there.

    • Oh, yeah – all quality stuff. The version of “Everybody, Everybody” is a housier mix, although Decon didn’t release anything like that, not even on promo. I have a theory that the version of “Sly One” included may be the ‘Pickering Park Mix’ exclusive to the promo 12″, although it does sound a bit subdued for their style.

  2. Could you please upload these files again? The old links are invalid. Thank you.

  3. What an Album… Always fancied a pair of those trainers lol… Sorry to hear of your sad demise… Onwards and upwards eh!…

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