Psyche – Eternal + Insatiable

“Eternal + Insatiable”
1988 New Rose Records (FR)
NEW 115 CD

01. Eternal (Club Mix)
02. Insatiable (U.S. Mix)
03. Unveiling The Secret (U.S. Mix)
04. Anguish
05. Eternal (Instrumental)
06. Insatiable (Instrumental)

1, 2, 3 > Remixed by Joseph Watt (Razormaid Productions)

INFO > Psyche was started in 1982 by Canadian brothers Darrin and Stephen Huss (working under the pseudonyms Evan Panic and Anthony Red). Exploring the darker side of synthpop, the duo found success in 1986 with “Unveiling The Secret.” This French EP includes a remix of that single, along with mixes of tracks from Psyche’s third album, “Mystery Hotel” (1988 New Rose, ROSE 145). Medical problems forced Stephen to leave the group in 1989, but Darrin has since continued Psyche with several collaborators.


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