Thievery Corporation – Lebanese Blonde

Thievery Corporation
“Lebanese Blonde”
1998 4AD/Labels/Virgin France S.A. (FR)
72438 955192 1

01. Lebanese Blonde 04:49
02. Coming from the Top 04:43
03. One 04:49
04. Lebanese Blonde (French Version) 04:47
05. Halfway Around the World 03:25
06. Elis Affair (Part 2) 04:40
07. Encounter in Bahia (12″ Version) 06:09
08. Lebanese Blonde (Instrumental) 04:53

INFO > Since 1996, the Washington D.C. duo of Rob Garza and Eric Hilton have been exploring exotic international sounds and rhythms, issuing a redefined take on world music through their Eighteenth Street Lounge Music label. Heard in movies and commercials, “Lebanese Blonde” (slang for high quality hash) is their best known single. This French edition includes a generous selection of CD bonus tracks, most exclusive to the release: “Halfway Around the World” (ESL 013 A-side), “Encounter in Bahia” (ESL 007 A-side), “Elis Affair (Part 2)” (ESL 007 B-side), “One” (ESL 9), and a French version of the title track.


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  1. Could you please re-up this single?

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