A Certain Ratio – Won’t Stop Loving You

A Certain Ratio
“Won’t Stop Loving You”
1990 A&M Records (UK)

01. Won’t Stop Loving You (Remix Edit) 03:48
02. Repercussions 04:48
03. Love Is The Way (Instrumental) 04:02
04. Won’t Stop Loving You (Remix) 06:48

FACT > After leaving Factory Records in 1987, A Certain Ratio signed with major label A&M and released six singles and two albums between June 1989 and July 1990 (remixes of “Shack Up” were also produced during this period but never made commercially available). Refined for the dancefloor by Bernard Sumner, “Won’t Stop Loving You” is essentially a remix of ACR’s first A&M single, “The Big E” (ACR 514). Additional mixes by Norman Cook were also issued on 12″.


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  1. Any chance of uploading this again please?

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