Gary Numan – Cars (1993)

Gary Numan
1993 Beggars Banquet (UK)
BEG 264 CD

01. Cars (’93 Sprint) 03:52
02. Cars (Multivalve) 05:44
03. Cars (Classic) 03:50
04. Cars (Endurance) 06:45
05. Cars (Top Gear) 04:11
06. Cars (Motorway Mix) 04:31
07. Cars (‘E’ Reg Model) 03:35
08. Cars (‘E’ Reg Extended Model)* 06:13

*Bonus track, sourced from: Gary Numan “Selection” (BBP 5 CD)
1, 2, 4, 5 > Restyling and additional modifications by Charles Pierre and Francis Usmar of Native Soul
6, 7, 8 > Specially mixed by Zeus B. Held (originally released in 1987 as BEG 199TR)

INFO > Numan’s classic single has been sampled, covered, and remixed numerous times since the track’s original release in 1979 (BEG 23), when it reached number 1 on the UK pop chart. In 1987, Beggars Banquet commissioned Zeus B. Held for new mixes of “Cars” to promote the first wave of Numan compact disc reissues, along with the compilation, “Exhibition.”

When Beggars re-released Numan’s back catalog again in 1993, a French duo was enlisted to go under the bonnet, resulting in house-inspired overhauls. The ‘E’ Reg Model was rolled out of the garage in 1996 to help drive sales of Numan’s “Premier Hits” collection and Carling Premier Lager.

CARS 1993

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  1. link off, repost please :)

  2. I’m Interested in this, the song is a CLASSIC Thxs Shelf / IconDj

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