01 Missing (Album Mix)
02 Missing (Lite Mix)
03 Missing (Todd Terry Club Mix)
04 Missing (Chris & James Full On Club Mix)
05 Missing (Ultramarine Remix)
06 Missing (Little Joey Remix)
07 Missing (Tee’s Beat)

INFO > Between 1982 and 1994, Tracey Thorn and Ben Watt produced eight LPs and 20 singles as Everything But The Girl. However, it wasn’t until 1995 that the duo finally experienced international success, thanks to a Todd Terry remix of “Missing”, the second single from their eighth album, “Amplified Heart.”

I Can See Clearly

Happy birthday to Deborah Harry, who turns 70 today!


01 I Can See Clearly
02 I Can See Clearly (D:reamix)
03 I Can See Clearly (Deep South Mix)

INFO > Arthur Baker produced “I Can See Clearly”, the lead track on Deborah Harry’s 1993 LP, “Debravation”, as well as the album’s first single. This EU CD includes remixes from D:ream and Murk.

Do I


01 Do I (Stealth Radio Edit)
02 Do I (Dillon & Dickins Remix)
03 Do I (Distant Drums Remix)
04 Do I (Stealth Club Mix)
05 Do I (Necromonic Club Mix)

INFO > Although written by Bizarre Inc’s Carl Turner and credited to Gifted, 1997 single “Do I” is essentially a Love To Infinity production, with remixes from Marc Dillon & Patrick Dickins and Distant Drums (Simeon Friend & Mike Mukhopadhyay).



01 Temptation
02 Hurt
03 Everything’s Gone Green
04 Procession
05 Mesh

FACT > Initially created for Factory’s US subsidiary, this EP compiles three of New Order’s earliest singles—transitional productions that effectively formed a bridge between the group’s first album, “Movement”, and their second, “Power, Corruption & Lies.” This CD issue from 1989 was exclusive to Canada, and alters the track order from the original US edition. Also, FEP 313 printed on the insert is the catalog number for the Canadian 12″; this cover text is more commonly seen as FACTUS 8, the proper Factory US catalog code.

In the comments of the previous post, Asteroid327 suggested soliciting Top 10 lists of favorite New Order songs. Fair enough—I’ll start the ball rolling:

Shelf’s Top 10 New Order Songs

01 Temptation (1982)
02 Bizarre Love Triangle (1986)
03 Your Silent Face (1983)
04 Blue Monday (1983)
05 Age Of Consent (1983)
06 Face Up (1985)
07 Thieves Like Us (1984)
08 Round & Round (1989)
09 Love Less (1989)
10 1963 (1987)

Feel free to share your favorite New Order tracks in comments.

New Order : Music Complete


Release Date: 25 September 2015

N E W  O R D E R

Forgiven [I Feel Your Love]


01 Forgiven [I Feel Your Love] (Radio Edit)
02 Forgiven [I Feel Your Love] (Dub Vocal Mix)
03 Forgiven [I Feel Your Love] (Loop Da Loop Hardstep House Mix)
04 Forgiven [I Feel Your Love] (Qattara Remix)

INFO > “Forgiven” was the follow-up to The Space Brothers’ debut single, “Shine.” The 1997 release peaked at 27 on the UK Singles Chart.



01 Shine (Radio Edit)
02 Shine (Full Vocal 12″ Mix)
03 Shine (Qattara Remix)
04 Shine (Canny Heavenly Remix)
05 Shine (Huff Remix)
06 Shine (Fade’s Vocal Sanctuary)

INFO > Since 1996, Rick Simmonds and Stephen Jones have released material as Ascension, Chakra, Essence, Force Majeure, Klymax, Lustral, Oxygen, The Realm, and Sapphire. Issued on Manifesto in 1997, “Shine” was their first single as The Space Brothers, the duo’s longest running and most successful alias. It’s one of Simmonds & Jones’ better productions, and the single features equally decent remixes.

Eyes On A Summer Day


01 Eyes On A Summer Day (Shorter Version)
02 Eyes On A Summer Day (Acorn Arts Dub)
03 Eyes On A Summer Day (Longer Version)
04 Eyes On A Summer Day (Gat Decor Mix)
05 Eyes On A Summer Day (Taste It Mix)
06 Eyes On A Summer Day (Acorn Arts Vocal)

INFO > “Eyes On A Summer Day” was the second of only two singles issued by The Good Strawberries, a brief project that the participating band members likely leave off their resumes. The Dutch release includes prog house remixes from Acorn Arts and Gat Decor; additional reworks from Gary Hughes and Blag feature on the two UK CD singles. After The Good Strawberries parted ways, Rick Simmonds teamed up with Stephen Jones to produce trance records under various guises.

Affro Dizzy Jack


01 Affro Dizzy Jack (7″)
02 Affro Dizzy Jack (Ollie J 12″)
03 Affro Dizzy Jack (Stealth Sonic Soul Remix)
04 Affro Dizzy Jack (Pleasures On An Epic Scale Part 1)
05 Affro Dizzy Jack (This Is Not The St James Infirmary Blues Mix)
06 Affro Dizzy Jack (Professor K’s Article Dub)

INFO > Short-lived indie/dance group The Good Strawberries comprised Joel Bogen (part of Toyah’s band), Gavin Knight (drummer for The Shamen), and Rick Simmonds. The band released a couple of singles and an album in 1994. The band’s debut, “Affro Dizzy Jack”, was remixed by Ollie Jacobs, Apollo 440, and The Rapino Brothers.

How Much Can You Take?


01 How Much Can You Take? (Visual)
02 How Much Can You Take? (Emotional)
03 Voices From Another World
04 A New Beginning
05 How Much Can You Take? (Physical)

INFO > Released in 1993, “How Much Can You Take?” was the second of two singles produced by Harald Blüchel and Matthias Paul (better known as Cosmic Baby and Paul van Dyk), collaborating as The Visions Of Shiva.