1997 Eye Of The Storm (DE)

01 Krakatoa (Edit)
02 Krakatoa
03 Futura
04 Futura (Edit)

“Krakatoa” was the first single produced by John Horrocks and Lee Milleare as Amethyst. Released on Jackpot in 1996, “Krakatoa” was licensed by the Eye Of The Storm label for a German release.

The Futures Overrated


“The Futures Overrated”
1997 Reprise Records (US)
9 43961-2

01 The Futures Overrated (Original 7″ Mix)
02 The Futures Overrated (Amethyst’s Mix)
03 The Futures Overrated (DJ Pulse Vocal Mix)
04 The Futures Overrated (Evolution’s Time Bomb Mix)
05 The Futures Overrated (Dub Pistols No Future Mix)
06 Direct Dubit (Arkarna’s Dub Mix)
07 The Futures Overrated (Original 12″ Mix)

Indie/electronic band Arkarna was formed in 1995 by Oliver Jacobs, James Barnett, and Lalo Creme (son of Lol Creme). Jacobs honed his production and songwriting skills at London-based Rollover Studios, founded by his father, Phillip Jacobs. “The Futures Overrated” was the second single taken from the group’s debut album, “Fresh Meat.” First released in 1997, the single was reissued the following year with new mixes.

This Is Fascism

THIS IS FASCISM: The tyranny of Der Dönald.

R.I.P.  E.P.A.


“This Is Fascism”
1991 Nettwerk (US)

01 This Is Fascism (Edit)
02 This Is Fascism (Bass Mix)
03 This Is Fascism (Techno Night-Guy Mix)
04 The Sexual Politics Of Meat (LP Mix)
05 This Is Fascism (Fascism Dub Version 1)

Adam Sherburne (former vocalist for Until December), Mark Pistel, and Philip Steir formed Consolidated in 1988. The trio’s sound amalgamates elements of rock, hip hop, funk, and industrial to deliver politically charged commentaries on racism, capitalism, gender inequality, animal cruelty, government oppression, and other problems that perpetually plague society.


Godlike Geniuses

Pet Shop Boys were the recipients of the Godlike Genius award at this year’s NME Awards, held on 15 February 2017 at the O2 Academy Brixton in London:

After accepting the award, Neil and Chris closed out the program with a somewhat tepid performance, further marred by poor audio. However, it’s worth watching to hear new arrangements of old classics that the Boys are currently playing on tour:

Microphone Fiend


Eric B. & Rakim
“Microphone Fiend”
1988 MCA Records (UK)
DMCA 1300

01 Microphone Fiend (7″ Version)
02 Put Ya’ Hands Together (Fon Force Edit)
03 Put Ya’ Hands Together (Parkside Mix)
04 Follow The Leader (7″ Version)

“Microphone Fiend” is the second single issued from Eric B. & Rakim’s 1988 album “Follow The Leader.” The UK CD single includes remixes of “Put Ya’ Hands Together” by Mark Brydon & Robert Gordon and Graeme Park.

Follow The Leader


Eric B. & Rakim
“Follow The Leader”
1988 MCA Records (UK)
DMCA 1256

01 Follow The Leader
02 Follow The Leader (Acapella)
03 Follow The Leader (Dub)

Eric Barrier and William Griffin are among hip hop’s most venerable artists. The New York duo met in the mid-1980s and released their first single, “Eric B. Is President”, in 1986. “Follow The Leader” is the title track and lead single from Eric B. & Rakim’s second album.

Off The Beat(EN) Trax

Hot on the heels of Harry’s new music blog comes the return of DJ Sandman’s former site: Off The Beat(EN) Trax

Expect the same great variety of dance and alternative tunes as before, along with Sandman’s percolating DJ mixes, which are also available on his Mixcloud page.

So go check out Sandy’s resurrected site, and fellow bloggers—please update your old links.

Dance Supports Monserrat


Various Artists
“Dance Supports Montserrat”
1997 Music Now (UK)

01 Sunscreem – Cover Me (Trouser Enthusiasts Mix)
02 DJ Supreme – Enter The Scene (Rhythm Masters Club Mix)
03 William Pitt – City Lights (SPS Cained Vocal Mix)
04 Lost Tribe – Angel
05 Prairie Man – Prairie Man (Make A Stand Mix)
06 Sundance – Sundance (Club Mix)
07 Armin – Blue Fear (Extended Version)
08 Spirito – Frontiers (Powerplant Mix)
09 Nu Birth – Anytime (Tuff & Jams Kick Dub)
10 Gant – All Night Long (Industry Standard Dub Plate Mix)

Montserrat was the former site of George Martin’s second AIR Studios location, opened in 1979; sadly, that facility—along with almost every other structure on the island—was destroyed by Hurricane Hugo in 1989. While still recovering from the catastrophe of Hugo, Montserrat was severely impacted by a volcanic eruption in 1995, which destroyed the capitol and caused the exodus of over half the island’s population. Having lost tourism and a stable economy, the island continues to struggle.

“Dance Support Montserrat” was given away with the first issue of Music Now magazine. While that UK periodical must not have lasted long, the CD is still worth keeping after 20 years—several selections are digitally exclusive to the compilation.

Always Just Breaking Apart

There’s a new blog in town: Always Just Breaking Apart

AJBA is a new project from graphic design guru Harry3. Longtime MOD followers will be familiar with Harry’s visual talents—he designed the packaging for custom collections offered here (see images in the right column: Pet Shop Boys, Skinnymalinky, Blue Amazon, and The Bank).

Along with a creative eye, Harry has a discerning ear for quality tunes. AJBA will focus primarily on alternative and electronic music from the past three decades, so you’re sure to find an assortment of interesting and rare releases.

Please head over to Harry’s new site and wish him well in his new venture. And fellow bloggers—please add AJBA to your list of links.

Always Just Breaking Apart

What About This Love?


Mr. Fingers
“What About This Love?”
1992 MCA Records (US)

01 What About This Love? (Radio Edit)
02 What About This Love? (Kenlou Mix)
03 What About This Love? (Gonve Mix)
04 What About This Love? (Luv Dub)
05 What About This Love? (Masters At Work Dub)
06 What About This Love? (Instrumental)

Larry Heard’s 1989 single “What About This Love?” was reissued in 1992 with new mixes by Kenny Gonzales & Louie Vega.