Have In Mind


01 Have In Mind (Kalimba Mix)
02 China Girl (G.T.O. Mix)
03 Quiero Verte!
04 Have In Mind (Extended Mix)
05 China Girl (Dino Mix)
06 Have In Mind (Single Version)

INFO > Not merely a catchy pop tune, Cetu Javu’s “Have In Mind” serves as an ecological advisory: questioning the damage that we have inflicted upon our planet; and cautioning against weakness and apathy, which ultimately lead to environmental tragedy. This 1988 German CD single includes three mixes of “Have In Mind” and exclusive B-sides.

Stop Starting To Start Stopping E.P.

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01 Gusta
02 Dance To The House
03 Can You Feel It
04 How Do Y’All Feel

INFO > This 1996 EP was one of the final releases from Kevin Hurry & Kevin Swain in their guise as D.O.P. (Dance Only Productions). While more commercial than earlier material issued through Guerilla, the duo’s later style is equally enjoyable and eminently danceable.

HELP > Anyone have D.O.P.’s “Manifest Your Love” CD single?

Obsession (1998)


01 Obsession (Stonebridge ’98 Recon Radio)
02 Obsession (Stonebridge ’98 Recon)
03 Obsession (Danny Howells & Shango Illogical Infactuation Mix)
04 Obsession (The Throbjam Mix)

INFO > David Farrow & William Owen’s lone single as Fuzzy Logic was “Obsession”, released through Guerilla Records in 1992. The track was dusted off by the Jackpot label in 1998, and remixed by Sten Hallström and Danny Howells & Shango (Robin Green & Mark Durham). The Scandinavian CD includes William Orbit’s ‘Throbjam Mix.’

Feelings Run So Deep


01 Feelings Run So Deep
02 Quadraped
03 Moods

INFO > Issued in 1996 on Stress Records, “Feelings Run So Deep” was the third release by Paul Kane & Paul Pringle as Desert. The CD includes the ‘Club Mix’ of earlier single, “Moods.”

Crazy Thing


01 Crazy Thing (Radio Edit)
02 Crazy Thing (Pob’s Remix)
03 Crazy Thing (Fifty Fifty Vocal Mix)
04 Crazy Thing (Fifty Fifty Dub)

INFO > Released via Jackpot in 1996, “Crazy Thing” was the first single from Fifty Fifty: producer Jason Smith and vocalist Steve Trowell. In addition to the duo’s versions, the release includes a remix by Paul Brogden.

Snappiness (1996)


01 Snappiness (Revisited Edit)
02 Snappiness (Zen Terrorists Remix)
03 Snappiness (Sweet Instrumental)
04 Snappiness (Evolution)
05 Snappiness (Revisited Dub)

INFO > In 1996, BBG revisited their 1990 Balearic classic, “Snappiness.” Reissued by Hi Life Recordings, the package includes updated mixes from BBG’s Ben Angwin & Phil Hope working with Tony Newland of Atlas, and a slightly harder take from Simon Keefe & Juliette Somogyi (Zen Terrorists).

Coming Home


01 Coming Home (Danny Tenaglia Club Mix Edit)
02 Coming Home (Coyote Remix Edit)
03 Coming Home (Sunday Club Remix)
04 Coming Home (Freefall Remix)

INFO > Legendary Detroit producer ‘Magic’ Juan Atkins released a couple of garage singles under the alias Visions in the early-1990s. Originally issued by Flying Records in 1993, “Coming Home” was licensed by Stress Records in 1996 and given the full remix treatment. The reissue’s emphasis is clearly on epic house, with only Danny Tenaglia’s ‘Club Mix’ being carried over from the original Italian 12″.

Love Will Tear Us Apart (1995)

In memory of Ian Curtis (15 July 1956 – 18 May 1980).


01 Love Will Tear Us Apart (Radio Version) 03:40
02 Love Will Tear Us Apart (Original Version) 03:28
03 Love Will Tear Us Apart (Arthur Baker Remix) 04:22
04 Atmosphere 04:12
05 These Days 03:27
06 Transmission (Live at The Factory, 13 July 1979) 03:44

FACT > In 1995, Joy Division classic “Love Will Tear Us Apart” was remixed and reissued to promote the compilation “Permanence.” As was typical back then, the Canadian CD single offers the most complete content: Don Gehman’s new radio version; the original A-side mix produced at Strawberry Studios; a remix by Arthur Baker; the equally classic “Atmosphere”; B-side “These Days”; and a live recording of “Transmission.” Baker’s unusual dub style rework is digitally exclusive to the release.



CD 01: Tears In Their Eyes (1979 – 1982)

01 Joy Division – Transmission
02 Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark – Electricity
03 A Certain Ratio – All Night Party
04 The Durutti Column – Sketch For Summer
05 X-O-Dus – English Black Boys
06 ESG – You’re No Good
07 Joy Division – Love Will Tear Us Apart
08 James – Folklore
09 A Certain Ratio – Flight
10 Section 25 – New Horizon
11 New Order – Ceremony
12 Stockholm Monsters – Happy Ever After
13 Quando Quando – Tingle


CD 02: Life’s A Beach (1981 – 1986)

01 A Certain Ratio – Shack Up
02 New Order – The Beach
03 Section 25 – Looking From A Hilltop
04 A Certain Ratio – Skip Scada
05 Kalima – Sparkle
06 Marcel King – Reach For Love
07 Cabaret Voltaire – Yashar (Remix)
08 52nd Street – Cool As Ice
09 New Order – Confusion (1987 Version)
10 Fadela – N’Sel Fik
11 Quando Quando – Genius
12 Happy Mondays – 24 Hour Party People


CD 03: The Beat Groups (1979 – 1989)

01 Joy Division – Wilderness
02 Tunnelvision – Watching The Hydroplanes
03 The Distractions – Time Goes By So Slow
04 The Wake – Talk About The Past
05 Stockholm Monsters – Partyline
06 Happy Mondays – Kuff Dam
07 New Order – Age Of Consent
08 The Railway Children – Brighter
09 The Durutti Column – Otis
10 Miaow – When It All Comes Down
11 Revenge – Seven Reasons
12 James – Hymn From A Village


CD 04: Selling Out (1987 – 1990)

01 New Order – True Faith
02 Happy Mondays – W.F.L. (Think About The Future)
03 The Durutti Column – The Together Mix
04 Northside – Shall We Take A Trip (12″ Version)
05 New Order – World In Motion
06 Steve Martland – The World Is In Heaven (Classical Version)
07 Electronic – Getting Away With It
08 The Wendys – Pulling My Fingers Off
09 Cath Carroll – Moves Like You (7″ Version)
10 Northside – My Rising Star (12″ Version)
11 Happy Mondays – Step On (Remix ’91)
12 Joy Division – Atmosphere

FACT > Upon its release in 1991, the “Palatine” box set attempted to represent the brilliant and diverse musical spectrum of Factory Records. However, with only 49 songs spread thinly across four CDs, the content of “Palatine” is somewhat lacking, and also oddly organized. While numerous tracks were made available for the first time on compact disc, some key anthems are missing, and only two tracks from the Factory Benelux imprint are included. On the positive side, the mastering here may be the best you’ll find for some selections, as Factory management was notorious for neglecting master tapes. Shortcomings aside, “Palatine” still proffers plenty of memorable moments in British indie music history.

London X-Press + Muzik X-Press


01 London X-Press (The Journey Continues)
02 London X-Press (London Disco Dub)
03 London X-Press (The Repriseapella)
04 Muzik X-Press (Club Mix)
05 Muzik X-Press (Rock 2 House Mix)
06 Muzik X-Press (Sound Factory Dub)

INFO > This French CD single combines the first two singles produced by X-Press 2: Rocky (Darren Rock), Diesel (Darren House), and Ashley Beedle. “Muzik X-Press” (1992) and “London X-Press” (1993) represent two examples of the best in quality British house.