THE BANK Holiday Weekend

Once again, sorry about the short-lived link in the last post. Okay, so let’s try this again—the link below will provide access to all files previously posted on THE BANK:


IMPORTANT: First, select the folder you want, then right-click to ‘Download as ZIP’ (don’t use the buttons in the upper right).

The files will be deleted in two weeks, so get a move on.

And The Winner Is…

There were 97 entrants in our contest to win the MOD flash drive. Using the random number generator on, a recipient has been selected:

Ian Corcoran
Glasgow, Scotland

Congratulations Ian! As a consolation prize for everyone else, all files deleted from sister blog THE BANK have been made available again for a temporary time:


Best wishes to all for a safe and healthy New Year.


PS. Methods Of Dance is 6 today.

* Update: Apparently Dropbox doesn’t take kindly to public links receiving excessive traffic; consequently, THE BANK shared folder has been suspended. My apologies—I’ll see what I can do about getting those files stored elsewhere in the cloud.

The Contest Is Closed

It’s been two weeks since the contest was announced, and hopefully you got your entry in under the wire.

Using an online random number generator, a winner will soon be selected to receive the MOD flash drive.

Pending contact and confirmation, the recipient shall be announced next week.

Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas :-)



‘Tis the season for giving. With that in mind, this month I will be giving away a 128 GB flash drive containing everything posted on Methods Of Dance.

Yes, one lucky member of the MOD community will win it all: 794 singles and 258 compilations, along with custom collections and other material exclusive to this blog.

To enter, simply leave a comment on this post indicating the country where you live. Use a valid email address, and submit your entry by 11:59 PM EST on Friday 23 December. Only one entry per person, please—multiple posts will be ignored.

The winner will be randomly selected on 26 December, and I will post the flash drive anywhere in the world. Bonne chance!

Happy Holidays :-)


PS. If you’re just tuning in for the first time, or haven’t visited in a while, don’t bother sending requests to re-upload deleted files—the blog is no longer being actively maintained.

Massive Attack “Teardrop” (The Penelopes Remix)

French production duo The Penelopes (Axel Basquiat and Vincent Tremel) have reworked Massive Attack’s 1998 single “Teardrop”, which features vocals from Elizabeth Fraser.

The Penelopes

And here’s the creepy promo video for the Massive Attack original:

Massive Attack

We’re Not As Smart As Our Phones

Moby & The Void Pacific Choir
“Are You Lost In The World Like Me?”

The Right Way To Serve A Turkey Dinner

Farm Sanctuary

The Cure… FOR depression


I consider The Cure’s fourth LP, “Pornography”, to be the most depressing album ever recorded. This assessment is not meant to be disparaging—“Pornography” is a brilliant album, which also happens to merit that unusual superlative.

Released in 1982 and produced by Phil Thornalley, “Pornography” is 43 minutes of relentless misery. If you are suicidal, you should not listen to this album. However, when I’m deeply depressed, I prefer to wallow in despair; consequently, those are the only occasions when I play “Pornography.” The CD may as well be stored in one of those red boxes labeled ‘In Case Of Emergency – Break Glass.’

Anyway, I bring this up because, after last Tuesday, I had to ‘break the glass’… and Robert Smith’s gothic tour de force will likely be on repeat for the next four years.

Speaking of pornography, have you seen any old photos of Melania Trump (né Melania Knauss)? She’ll certainly serve as a very different ‘role model’ than every First Lady who has preceded her.










This list of qualities—in part or in full—applies to half of all Americans who voted in the 2016 Presidential Election.

To be sure, both major candidates are flawed, and neither outcome was ideal. But all those who believe that an unprincipled billionaire entrepreneur will be their savior are deluding themselves.

Democracy and capitalism are allegedly what make America a great and powerful nation. However, our government is fractured, and business values profit over people. Congress and Wall Street are far too intertwined, resulting in collusion and corruption.

Whether career politician or CEO, neither cares about their constituents or customers—we’re all just numbers to be crunched.

In this time of mourning, I extend my sincerest sympathies to the entire world. America failed. Hatred has triumphed.

Pete Burns (1959 – 2016)


Very sad to learn of the passing of Peter Burns, the former frontman of Dead Or Alive, who succumbed from a fatal cardiac arrest on 23 October 2016.

The timing of Burns’ death casts a shadow over the pending release this Friday of a comprehensive Dead Or Alive collection, “Sophisticated Boom Box MMXVI,” comprised of 17 CDs and 2 DVDs.

Rest in peace, Pete, and thanks for many great dancefloor memories.