Texas Cowboys


01 Texas Cowboys (Master Mix)
02 Rise
03 Texas Cowboys (High Plains Prankster Mix)
04 Cheerleader Song
05 Texas Cowboys (Edit)*

*Bonus track


01 Texas Cowboys (Radio Mix)
02 Texas Cowboys (Ricochet Mix)
03 Texas Cowboys (Pistols At Dawn Mix)
04 Texas Cowboys (Pistols At Dawn Dub)
05 Texas Cowboys (High Plains Prankster Mix)
06 Texas Cowboys (Low Plains Prankster Mix)

INFO > “Texas Cowboys” was Dave Ball & Richard Norris’ first release for Deconstruction under their guise as The Grid. The novelty techno tune served well as a template for the duo’s follow-up, “Swamp Thing.” In the wake of that banjo-driven hit, Deconstruction reissued “Texas Cowboys” in 1994 with a couple of new mixes. Not to be overlooked on the original EP are “Rise” and “Cheerleader Song”, the latter featuring Guy Barker.

I Wanna Get Back With You


01 I Wanna Get Back With You (Radio Version)
02 Situation (Aggressive Attitude Part II Mix)
03 Situation (Sorrow Always Leads To Love Mix)
04 I Don’t Think So (LP Version)


01 I Wanna Get Back With You (Radio Version)
02 I Wanna Get Back With You (LP Version)
03 Situation (The Extended Mix)
04 Situation (LP Version)

INFO > Among the diverse pool of talent on Tom Jones’ 1994 album “The Lead And How To Swing It” is Tori Amos, who sings backing vocals on ballad “I Wanna Get Back With You.” That single also features Jones’ cover of “Situation”, for which Martin ‘Youth’ Glover revisited his 1990 ‘Aggressive Attitude Mix’ of the Yazoo classic, and cheekily tossed in the keyboard riff from “Don’t Go.” Glover’s ‘Extended Mix’ is digitally exclusive to the US promo.

Don’t Go / Situation (1999 Remixes)


01 Don’t Go (Tee’s TNT Radio Mix)
02 Don’t Go (Tee’s Freeze Mix)
03 Situation (Club 69 US Radio Edit)
04 Situation (Club 69 Future Phunk Mix)
05 Situation (Richard ‘Humpty’ Vission Radio Edit)
06 Situation (Richard ‘Humpty’ Vission Visits The Dome)
07 Situation (Dave Ralph’s Tea Freaks English Breakfast Mix)
08 Don’t Go (MT’s Dub)
09 Situation (Richard ‘Humpty’ Vission Visits The Dub)
10 Don’t Go (Digital Blonde Instrumental Mix)*

*Bonus track

INFO > To promote the US release of 1999 collection “The Best Of Yaz”, Reprise/Mute issued a double A-side single comprising new mixes of “Don’t Go” and “Situation.” In the UK, the remixes of “Don’t Go” backed “Only You” on two CD singles. And although a couple of tracks from the UK issue of “Situation” are repeated, there are other versions here not present on that release. Todd ‘The God’ Terry proves himself merely mortal with a faithful but uninspired update of “Don’t Go”; however, his dub version is more inventive. The Digital Blonde instrumental bears nothing in common with the original—even an attempt to incorporate that famous synth riff comes off unrecognizable.

Situation (Remixes)


01 Situation (Club 69 Radio Mix)
02 Situation (Club 69 Speed Mix)
03 Situation (Richard ‘Humpty’ Vission Visits The Dome Mix)
04 Situation (Dave Ralph’s Tea Freaks English Breakfast Mix)
05 Situation (Deadline Mix)
06 State Farm (Madhouse Mix)
07 Situation (Daniel Miller & Mark Saunders 12″ Mix)
08 State Farm (Play-Doh Dub)
09 Situation (Original US Dub)

INFO > To promote the 1999 best of collection, “Only Yazoo”, Mute Records remixed and reissued “Only You”, “Don’t Go”, and “Situation.” The newer reworks of “Situation” by Peter Rauhofer, Richard Vission, and Dave Ralph & company aren’t terribly memorable; however, the release also features mixes from 1990 that were previously unavailable on CD. Nine years later, we finally got the full-length remixes by François Kevorkian, Paul Dakeyne, and Miller & Saunders, along with the 1982 dub.

The enhanced CD also includes the promo video for “Only You.”

Situation (1990 Remix)


01 Situation (Remix Edit) 02:24
02 State Farm (Madhouse Mix Edit) 03:19
03 Situation (The Aggressive Attitude Mix) 06:54
04 Situation (Space Dub) 04:56
05 Situation (Deadline Mix Edit)* 02:40

*Bonus track


01 Situation (1982 US Remix) 05:45
02 State Farm (Original 12″ Mix) 06:47
03 Situation (Original 7″ Mix) 02:27
04 State Farm (Alternate Edit) 04:11
05 Situation (US Remix Edit)* 03:46

*Bonus track

INFO > In between Depeche Mode and Erasure, Vince Clarke forged a brief but successful partnership with Alison Moyet as Yazoo (Yaz in the US). “Situation” first appeared as the B-side to Yazoo’s 1982 debut single, “Only You.” François Kevorkian remixed the track for a 12″ release in the US, and created an enduring dance classic. The tune was revisited in 1990 with new mixes from Kevorkian, Youth, and Mute main man Daniel Miller with Mark Saunders. Also, Paul Dakeyne updated “State Farm,” originally the B-side to “Nobody’s Diary.” The second CD single features Kevorkian’s 1982 remix and the original versions of both “Situation” and “State Farm.”


Yaz “Situation” (1982 US 12″)

This was the first cover of the US 12″, before the artist name was changed to Yaz due to a legal complaint from US based Yazoo Records. The Sire Records release features François Kevorkian’s 12″ Remix and 12″ Dub Mix.

The official video for the 1990 remix is rather pointless:

Suntrance 2


01 Atlas – Beauty
02 Unconscious Collective – Fluorostani Transendance
03 Ylem – Other Worlds
04 Amethyst – Krakatoa
05 O.O.O.D. – Two Dawns Over Baleswar
06 Karma – Ganesha (Fade Seven Seas Remix)
07 Shamanic Tribes On Acid – Speed Freaker
08 Hampshire & Weatherley – Heaven Can Wait

A View To A Kill (Extended Remix)

Being a big fan of both JB and DD, I was pleasantly surprised by the recent revelation on James Bond fan site MI6 that an official extended version of “A View To A Kill” exists.

The song was co-written by composer John Barry and Duran Duran as the title track for the 1985 James Bond film “A View To A Kill”, which marked Roger Moore’s last appearance as 007. It’s been nearly 30 years since the original release of the single, which topped the US Billboard Hot 100 chart in July 1985. American producer Steve Thompson created a 12″ mix with input from the band; however, bassist John Taylor nixed the track’s release:

“I wanted to keep a certain purity to the 3 minutes plus of “AVTAK”… some of the recent remixes had been rubbing me the wrong way. I was adamant about it—that there should be no extended versions or remixes. It was short sighted of me, I have since regretted it.”

We all make mistakes, JT. Methinks this mix could spark a 30th anniversary reissue, possibly for Record Store Day 2015.


Extra special thanks to Rob for going above and beyond (and down under) to cross this item off my wants list. Rob purchased a copy and had it shipped directly to me from Australia—youdunnit, buddy!!


01 Whodunnit? (Hardbag Mix)
02 Whodunnit? (Original Mix)
03 Joanna
04 Whodunnit? (Fruity Mix)
05 The Awakening
06 Calamity Jane

INFO > This 1994 CD EP combines Mrs. Wood’s first two singles of her trademark high energy techno. “Whodunnit?” B-side “Joanna” was remixed and released as a single the following year.

Twist In My Sobriety (The Remixes)

A warm welcome back to Sandman, who has reactivated his excellent blog, Off The Beat(EN) Trax. We are all the richer for his return!


01 Twist In My Sobriety (Tikaramp Radio)
02 Twist In My Sobriety (Phil Kelsey Vocal)
03 Twist In My Sobriety (Extended Bumps Fluidity Mix)
04 Twist In My Sobriety (Tikaramp Vocal)
05 Twist In My Sobriety (SFX Sobriety Mix)

INFO > “Twist In My Sobriety” was the second release by exotic vocalist Tanita Tikaram. Originally released in 1988, the single was a hit in several European countries. The song was remixed in 1996 to promote “The Best Of Tanita Tikaram”; however, Tikaram did not approve the new versions.

NOTE > This single was one of the final posts on Sandman’s old blog (he beat me to it :-). As it wasn’t available long, I figured those who missed it then would appreciate it now.

Deep And Dubby Attitude


01 Sourmash – Pilgrimage To Paradise (Paradise Club Mix)
02 Big Bad Massive – Carlos (Dada Trance Mix)
03 Wax Factor – We Are Strong (Wax Factor Mix Part One)
04 JJ – You Stole My Heart (Before Mix)
05 Pleasure Box – Real Kiss (The Multiple Orgasm)
06 Morgan King – I Am Free (Leftfield Dub Mix)
07 The Reese Project – Miracle Of Life (Big Bump Dub Mix)
08 Pluto – Plutobeat
09 Wolfman – Deeper (Trance Party Politics)
10 2 Sum – Da Rydem (The Indulge Mix)
11 State Of Mind – Jump (Main Mix)
12 Leftfield – Song Of Life (Lemon Interrupt Mix)