The Perfect Beats Volume 3


01 Shannon – Give Me Tonight
02 Jay Novell – If This Ain’t Love
03 Xena – On The Upside
04 Carol Lynn Townes – 99 ½
05 Aleem – Release Yourself
06 George Kranz – Din Daa Daa
07 Peter Godwin – Emotional Disguise
08 Heaven 17 – Let Me Go
09 Afrika Bambaataa & Soulsonic Force – Renegades Of Funk
10 Hashim – Al Naafiysh [The Soul]
11 Jenny Burton – Remember What You Like
12 Tina B – Honey To A Bee
13 Alisha – All Night Passion
14 Siedah Garrett – Do You Want It Right Now

The Perfect Beats Volume 2


01 Shannon – Let The Music Play
02 Freeeze – I.O.U.
03 Jellybean – Dancing On The Fire
04 Loleatta Hollaway – Crash Goes Love
05 Chaka Khan – My Love Is Alive
06 Dominatrix – The Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight
07 B Beat Girls – For The Same Man
08 Up Front – Infatuation
09 Man Parrish – Hip Hop Be-Bop
10 Strafe – Set It Off
11 ESG – Moody
12 Liquid Liquid – Cavern
13 Exodus – Together Forever
14 New Order – Confusion
15 Slack – Slack

The Perfect Beats Volume 1


01 Afrika Bambaataa & Soulsonic Force – Planet Rock
02 Planet Patrol – Play At Your Own Risk
03 Rockers Revenge – Walking On Sunshine
04 Yazoo – Don’t Go
05 Jellybean – The Mexican
06 Yello – Bostich
07 Kraftwerk – Trans Europe Express
08 Kraftwerk – Numbers/Computer World
09 Peech Boys – Don’t Make Me Wait
10 Imagination – Just An Illusion
11 Level 42 – Starchild
12 Nick Straker Band – A Little Bit Of Jazz
13 Klein & M.B.O – Dirty Talk
14 Funk Masters – Love Money

Harry Houdini

Today’s musical escape comes courtesy of Andrei.


01 Harry Houdini (New 7″ Edit) 03:49
02 Harry Houdini (UK Pop 12″) 05:56
03 Harry Houdini (UK House 12″) 05:50
04 Harry Houdini (House Dub) 04:54
05 Harry Houdini (House Vocal) 07:07
06 Harry Houdini (Miami Mix) 05:43

INFO > Kon Kan followed up their hit debut “I Beg Your Pardon” with “Harry Houdini.” The 1989 release was remixed by Justin Strauss; consolidated here are unique tracks from the US promo and German CD singles.



01 Bjango (Original Mix)
02 Bjango (Fluke Remix ‘Six To The Floor’)
03 Bjango (Way Out West ‘Bjangin’ Remix)
04 Bjango (Way Out West ‘Bjangin’ Dub)
05 Bjango (Scope ‘Bjanjaxxed’ Mix)

INFO > In 1996, the Fluke trio of Jon Fugler, Mike Bryant, and Mike Tournier circumvented their contract with Circa by releasing Hi Life single “Bjango” under the alias Lucky Monkeys.

Voices Inside My Head


01 Voices Inside My Head (Ashley’s Tribal Space Mix)
02 Voices Inside My Head (Ashley’s Tribal Space Dub)
03 Voices Inside My Head (Roger’s Underground Voices)
04 Voices Inside My Head (Roger’s Voices Accapella)
05 Voices Inside My Head (E-Smoove Pump Mix)
06 Voices Inside My Head (Classic Mix)
07 Voices Inside My Head (Superministry 8AM Rulin Mix)
08 Voices Inside My Head (Roger’s Loft Mix)

INFO > With only two lines of repeated lyrics over a funky instrumental, “Voices Inside My Head” appears on The Police’s third album, 1980′s “Zenyatta Mondatta.” Fifteen years later, the track’s vocal acapella, guitar riff, and percussion became DJ tools with which to fashion radical reworks; this package features remixes by Ashley Beedle, Roger Sanchez, Eric Miller, and DJ Harvey.

Tonight, Tonight, Tonight


01 Tonight, Tonight, Tonight (Edit)
02 In The Glow Of The Night
03 Paperlate
04 Tonight, Tonight, Tonight (12” Remix)

INFO > Genesis can’t dance. The prog rockers-turned-pop powerhouse produced many a radio-friendly hit during the 1980s; however, none of the band’s tunes are fit for any disco. And that’s okay. The group’s massively successful “Invisible Touch” album spawned five US top 5 singles, the last of which was “Tonight, Tonight, Tonight”, released in 1987. It’s one of those songs that effectively evokes an eerie evening atmosphere and consequently should only be played at night. The CD single includes an extended remix by John ‘Tokes’ Potoker, along with “Paperlate” from the band’s 1982 EP, “3 X 3.”

She Sells


01 She Sells (7-Inch)
02 She Sells (Alternative 7-Inch Mix)
03 She Sells (Apollo 440 Mix)
04 Bide Your Time

INFO > As short-lived pop duo Banderas, vocalist Caroline Buckley and instrumentalist Sally Herbert recorded one album and three singles, all produced by Stephen Hague and released in 1991. “She Sells” was their second single, and features remixes by Apollo 440.

Big Fun


01 Big Fun (Radio Fun)
02 Big Fun (Magic Juan Mix)
03 Big Fun (Juan’s Magic Remix)

INFO > Released in 1988, club classic “Big Fun” was the debut release from Inner City: producer Kevin Saunderson and vocalist Paris Grey. The track first appeared on Neil Rushton’s seminal compilation, “Techno! The New Dance Sound Of Detroit.” Combining elements of techno and house, “Big Fun” was a very successful and hugely influential single.

Hold That Sucker Down

Thanks to eLeMeNOhPeaQ for generously sharing this single.


01 Hold That Sucker Down (Radio Edit)
02 Hold That Sucker Down (Builds Like A Skyscraper Mix)
03 Hold That Sucker Down (Happy Daze Vocal Mix)
04 Hold That Sucker Down (Builds Like A Skyscraper MK II)
05 Hold That Sucker Down (Brutal Mix)

INFO > 1994 handbag hit “Hold That Sucker Down” was produced by Rollo and Rob D as The O.T. Quartet, featuring vocalist Colette.