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The Bank CD 1

Over at our sister blog, THE BANK, we’ve finally reached the 100th post. To celebrate that milestone, I have compiled three volumes of tunes that were all classics at the former Philly dance spot.

Design dude harry3 produced the packaging pictured above; you may recall that Harry also created the artwork for our custom Pet Shop Boys project, “Production.” The man certainly has undeniable skills and style.

For additional information, tracklistings, high quality images, and withdrawal links, please visit THE BANK.

(Please note that BANK100 will be that blog’s final update)

By the way, sorry I’ve been a bit of a slacker lately—flaking on updates and not responding to comments. Sadly, the old job gets in the way of doing fun stuff, as most of you can relate. Also, I’m still out there rescuing wildlife on a frequent basis. And honestly, it’s difficult to be enthusiastic about leisure pursuits given all of the horrible things happening around the world. This planet could use more peace, to say the least.

I’m heading off on a little holiday with the family, so the blog will be static for a while. Anyway, I know you all are understanding.

As always, thanks for your support of the blog.

Big Love

Hal David and Burt Bacharach couldn’t have put it better:

“What the world needs now is love, sweet love
It’s the only thing that there’s just too little of…”


01 Big Love (Eat Me Edit)
02 Atlanta (CD Edit)
03 Big Love (The Dronez Mix)
04 Big Love (Original Mix)*

*Bonus track

INFO > In 1999, I vaguely remember reading in Muzik magazine that Pete Heller recorded “Big Love” while Terry Farley was off on holiday—when Farley returned, his production partner’s debut single was topping the charts around the world. The story may be a bit exaggerated, but only just so; “Big Love” is one of the last truly great summer house anthems. The simple yet infectiously uplifting groove samples Stargard’s 1979 disco single, “Wear It Out.”

Tour De France


01 Tour De France (Radio Version) 03:09
02 Tour De France (Kling Klang Analog Mix) 06:47
03 Tour De France (Remix François K) 06:45

INFO > Le Tour de France 2014 comes to an end this weekend. Recorded 80 years after the race’s first staging in 1903, Kraftwerk’s classic single “Tour De France” celebrates the epic cycling competition. The track was later remixed by Kraftwerk and François Kervorkian for a 1984 re-release; those mixes, along with the original Version Française edit, comprise this 1999 reissue.

HELP > The CD Extra video content is not compatible with my system. If anyone has this and can share the Quicktime video, the effort would be most appreciated.

UPDATE > Thanks to Orange94 for sharing the video:

And here’s another version featuring the band members:

Out Of The Blue


01 Out Of The Blue (Radio Edit)
02 Out Of The Blue (Angelz Remix)
03 Out Of The Blue (12″ Version)

INFO > Dutch DJ/producer Ferry Corsten has produced material under countless aliases and with numerous collaborators since the early-1990s. Released as System F, “Out Of The Blue” was a massive international hit in 1999, when the popularity of trance had reached its zenith. Although the UK CD single includes only three tracks, the other available remixes aren’t much cop anyway.

Reactivate 16


1.01 Azzido Da Bass – Dooms Night (DuMonde Remix)
1.02 Transa – Supernova
1.03 Chrome & Price – Automatic (Hitch Hiker & Dumondt Remix)
1.04 Alpha Breed – Epic Future
1.05 Christopher Lawrence – Rush Hour
1.06 AMbassador – One Of These Days
1.07 Terra WAN – Who’s Gonna Ease The Pressure (DuMonde Mix)
1.08 John ’00’ Fleming – Lost In Emotion (Club Mix)
1.09 Earthbound – Essence Of Life (John ’00’ Fleming Mix)
1.10 K90 – Deliverance
1.11 Mark Tyler – London, Let’s ‘Ave Yer! (OD404 Remix)

2.01 Ugly Kid Jay – The Day The Earth Caught Fire (2K Mix)
2.02 Miranda – Mars Needs Women (Antiloop Club Mix)
2.03 The Act – Something About You (DJ Garry Remix)
2.04 Twilight – Platina (Maurits Paardekooper Remix)
2.05 The Quest – C Sharp
2.06 Antarctica – Return To Reality (Reactivate Mix)
2.07 La Forge – First Contact
2.08 Bismark – Reactivate (Trasp 1)
2.09 Blu Peter – Substance (Salt Tank Psilocybe Skies Mix)
2.10 Terra Ferma – Teeth Of The Jungle
2.11 Profiler – This Is Who We Are (Steve Morley Remix)

The Official Colourbox World Cup Theme


01 The Official Colourbox World Cup Theme (12″ Version)
02 Philip Glass
03 The Official Colourbox World Cup Theme (7″ Version)

INFO > This 1986 single from brothers Martyn and Steven Young is the greatest World Cup anthem that never was—a brilliant effort denied official recognition. The original 4AD 12″ vinyl (BAD 605) has been digitally recreated here from CD sources. Minimalist B-side “Philip Glass” pays homage to the track’s namesake.



01 Invader
02 Full Nelson
03 Invader (Vegas Soul Remix Two)

INFO > After parting ways with ZTT, 808 State released one single through Bellboy Records in 1999. Bellboy label founder Chris Cowie remixed “Invader” under his guise as Vegas Soul. Although Graham Massey, Andrew Barker, and Darren Partington issued an album in 2003, “Invader” remains the group’s last original single release.



01 Ohno (Danny’s Twisted Realness Mix)
02 Ohno (The Twisted Beats)
03 Ohno (Club 69’s Future Mix)
04 Ohno (Sextravaganza’s Tribal Dub)

INFO > Danny Tenaglia’s 1996 single “Ohno” features remixes by Peter Rauhofer and Frederick Jorio.

X Y & Zee (US Promo)


01 X Y & Zee (Electric Sunshine Style)
02 X Y & Zee (Intergalactic Mix)
03 X Y & Zee (Sensory Amplification)

INFO > “X Y & Zee” is the third of four singles released from Pop Will Eat Itself’s 1990 album, “Cure For Sanity.” John Waddell’s remixes give Flood’s original production a lighter and brighter feel.

Certain Things Are Likely


01 Certain Things Are Likely (Remix Edit) 04:13
02 Certain Things Are Likely (Original Mix) 07:36
03 Certain Things Are Likely (Garage) 06:18
04 Certain Things Are Likely (Garage Dub) 05:08

INFO > “Certain Things Are Likely” is the second single and title track from Kissing The Pink’s third album. Produced by the band, Peter Walsh, and Phil Harding, the album marked a shift toward a more commercial sound; this move came at the behest of KTP’s label, Magnet, which sought greater success from the group. Remixed by Harding, “Certain Things Are Likely” became a dance hit in several countries between 1986 and 1987. As there was no CD release, multiple sources were used to create this unofficial digital single.

NOTE > Special thanks to RA Feutz for the cover scan :-)

Here’s the original promo video, edited to the ‘Garage’ mix:

And here’s Brian McCombs’ re-edit of Phil Harding’s mix: